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Perspectives 2023

On June 29, the 2023 Perspektywy University Ranking of higher education institutions and fields of study was published. For the first time in history, mathematics at the the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at the AGH University ranked among the top three in Poland, taking the third place.

In this year's ranking, the field of study at the University of Warsaw was once again the best one, with Warsaw University of Technology's Mathematics in second place. Mathematics at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics surpassed the fields of study at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology and the Jagiellonian University. That is a great success. After the last year’s fall from the 4th to the 5th position in the ranking, we finally managed to jump onto the podium of the best fields of study in Poland. The third place from 31 classified universities is an enormous success, towards which we all have worked relentlessly by constantly developing the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and the field of study,” said happily the Dean of the Faculty, AGH University Associate Professor Jerzy Stochel, after the announcement of the results.