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MSc Study

Master’s degree

AGH University Faculty of Applied Mathematics offers 1st-cycle (bachelor’s degree)  and 2nd-cycle (postgraduate master’s degree) mathematical degree programmes.

The knowledge of the main branches of mathematics communicated to students in the course of their studies is of universal nature and does not depend on changing technologies, times or places. Therefore, it provides foundations for lifelong learning. Graduates of mathematical studies, apart from knowing mathematics and its applications, are equipped with the ability to think logically, constructively and prospectively, to make judicious decisions and to draw quick and pertinent conclusions. Developing such skills in students is one of the main goals of university education at the AGH University.

Mathematics in computer science

Mathematics in management

Financial mathematics

Computational and computer mathematics

Insurance mathematics and statistical data analysis

Mathematics in technical and natural sciences

Specialist degree programmes offered at the master’s degree studies focus on contemporary applications of mathematics in other disciplines, in particular in banking and finances, information technology, management, biology, materials engineering, electronics, automation, mechanics and telecommunications. This approach will enable students to acquire skills that will boost their employability in the future job market, and thus will prepare them to pursue professional careers in industry, banking, insurance sector, IT industry, administration, science and education as well as to cooperate with specialists from other fields. Furthermore, the knowledge contained in the curricula and practical skills are enhanced through students’ active participation in the activities of student research clubs.

Classes and lectures are conducted by mathematicians who also carry out their own high-quality research. This promotes the development of most gifted students