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Faculty of Applied Mathematics

The Faculty of Applied Mathematics is one of the several Faculties of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, which is the oldest technical university in Poland. Currently, the Faculty employs over 100 members of the research and teaching staff, including 28 senior research scientists.

The Faculty of Applied Mathematics offers degree programmes leading to awarding bachelor’s degree (first-cycle studies), master’s degree (second-cycle studies) and PhD degree (third-cycle studies) in the field of mathematics. As a result of the comprehensive parametric evaluation carried out by the Ministry for Science and Higher Education, the Faculty was granted the scientific category A. Moreover, the Faculty is entitled to confer doctor's and Doctor Habilitatus degrees in Mathematics.

The seat of the Faculty is located on the AGH Campus, in the very centre of Krakow. It comprises part of the so-called connector building between A3 and A4 Buildings and A4 Building, housing the Dean’s Office, Faculty Administrative Office and computer laboratory, as well as B7 Building, which accommodates the Faculty Office and Faculty Library and in which most classes and lectures are held. Building C7, which houses teaching rooms and offices for research workers.

History of the Faculty

Mathematics has been one of the core fields of study since the beginnings of the University. The first Rector of the Academy of Mining, as the University was then called, was Professor Antoni Hoborski, a mathematician. At that time, he was also the Head of the Chair of Mathematics. Apart from the already mentioned Chair at the Faculty of Mining, the Faculty comprised the Chair of Descriptive Geometry.

After World War II, there was a rapid growth in the number of students. As a result, organizational changes were implemented and the group of mathematicians employed at the University significantly increased in number. In 1969, out of the several Chairs of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry existing at the University, the Institute of Mathematics was founded and its employees conducted mathematics courses at all the Faculties of the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy.  Following the decision of the Senate of the AGH University of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics was established on 1 November 1997, replacing the former Institute of Mathematics.

The current teaching activity of the Faculty of Mathematics is two-fold: on the one hand, it involves conducting general mathematics courses at the entire University; on the other hand, it is concerned with providing specialist education to students specialising in the field of mathematics. The first specialist courses in this field were launched in the academic year 1998/99. The study programme is focused on the applications of mathematics with particular emphasis on financial and actuarial mathematics, computational and computer mathematics, and the applications of mathematics in computer science and management as well as in technical and natural sciences. In 2004, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics obtained the right to confer the doctor's degree, and in 2015, to confer the degree of Doctor Habilitatus.