Admission rules at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics

Detailed admission rules (including studies in the field of Mathematics) are available at:

Entrance exam for admission to 2nd-cycle studies

For those graduates from the AGH UST Faculty of Applied Mathematics who wish to continue their studies in the field of Mathematics, the basis for calculating the E admission component (E- the number of points scored at the entrance exam conducted at the AGH UST) may be the result of the final major exam, i.e., bachelor’s degree exam.

Other persons and applicants who have not studied at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics will have to sit the entrance exam in September. The regulations for conducting this exam are the same as for the bachelor’s degree exam.

Detailed information on, among others, the date of the entrance exam, will be communicated to candidates upon the on-line registration in the e-Rekrutacja system.

Exam questions / topics – Part 1
Exam questions / topics – Part 2